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Interview with the National Covergirl Chelsea_8888

Billiejean-x : Heey (= Could I ask you some questions for my Blog?

Chelsea_8888 : Sure

BillieJean-x : Did you wish to be Covergirl since you discovered Stardoll.com?

Chelsea_8888 : No, because at the beginning I didn't knew what it meant to be Covergirl, after a week I learnd about it and of course it's my dream

BillieJean-x : Did you told your Friends to vote you?

Chelsea_8888 : Not just my Friends, I told everyone and I thank them that they've voted for me!

BillieJean-x : Do you want to help your Friends and all the other people to become a Covergirl ?

Chelsea_8888 : Yes, I helped a girl and I told my Friends to vote for her, so her dream could come true

BillieJean-x : Do you like to be a Covergirl?

Chelsea_8888 : I am not really a Covergirl, sure I like it! It's beautiful and everybody is visiting me. Everybody would like it, isn't it?

BillieJean-x : Is it a strange or a beautiful experience to have so much popularity?

Chelsea_8888 : I think it's all in one! Beautiful, strange, full of happiness etc :) I'm so happy I made it! And i thank again to everyone who voted for me. Without them I could never make it!

BillieJean-x : Thank you for the time! (=

Chelsea_8888 : At the end, I want to say that the Interview was super and that everyone could win National Covergirl.. or Covergirl :)

An Interview by BillieJean-x && 1Cristina1999

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