duminică, 7 noiembrie 2010

Interview with the National Covergirl Oni_Av13!!

Stardoll Trends : I want you to have an interview for my blog :X se can?

Oni_Av13 : Yay , yes :X

Stardoll Trends : How do you feel being the NCG?

Oni_Av13 : Well I feel very well and was a great desire of mine that was fulfilled: D!

Stardol Trends : You've asked friends to tell on you vote?

Oni_Av13 : Yes, of course I have many friends who are with me and helped me fulfill my dream.

Stardoll Trends : What was your reaction when you saw that you became NCG?

Oni_Av13 : I jumped from his chair and started shouting Yay!

Stardoll Trends : If you have not done it now, you have constantly tried to become NCG?

Oni_Av13 : Yes,I tried yesterday,but I not succeded and I was very sad but I have not quit because I knew that my friends can be together nothing is impossible.

Stardoll Trends : You'll help your friends how you have helped them become NCG?

Oni_Av13 : Yes today I've received several requests and to help them with great pleasure.

Stardoll Trends : Thank you for interview!

Oni_Av13 Public profile is : http://www.stardoll.com/member/oni_av13