duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

Hiring :D

Heey! (: We are hiring People to work on this Blog with us ! (:

We need some writers, designers and administrators ;D

People who can make Banners please Contact ! (:

So, please contact me in my Guestbook, tell me what you want to be and join our Club! ;D

To join the Club, click HERE

Casual Dress

Hi dear Followers now I have a Beautiful Casual Dress with 20 stardollar for non-stars
It's a Bag,Skirt,Shoes,Shirt.If You Like It Go To Starplaza At The Shop Stardoll And You Find It

New Doree ;b

So, we got new Doree Colors (:
They're really cool, but as usually just for Superstars ):

What do you think about them ? ;D

Free TV&& PlayStation ;D

So, there are 2 wins in here :b You have the chance to get the TV&& PlayStation for Free and the chance to win Stardollars :b

If you're not from the UK:
1. go to goproxing.com // daveproxy.co.uk
2. paste this link
&& press go // hit enter on the keyboard
3. type this in the adress bar

And now for the chance to win Stardollars:

There will be a Question:
,,In which game can you fin Sackboy?"
The answer:
,,Little Big Planet"
Click Submit and then enter random details [if you want]

The click Submit again :D
There will be 3 gifts coming soon!