vineri, 28 ianuarie 2011

Interview with oanabianca7

1.Why did you chose Stradoll?
,, I chose Stardoll because I think it's a beautiful site, where you find true friends.''
2.Tell me about your style.
,,My style is unique. I love to dress stylish but sometimes I am childish. My idol is Audrey Hepburn.''
3.What`s your favourite colour?
4.What`s your favourite firm on Stardoll and why?
,,I like all brands on stardoll. But my favourite it is LE. I like this company because we really shows the beautiful clothes and the latest edition.''
5.Who is you best friend on Stardoll and why?
,,I have two best friends on stardoll. There are Clara_Clary and oni_av13. They are true friends, and so sweety''
6.Have you ever lied?
,,I hate to lie, but sometimmes I lie when need, not to hurt that person.''
7.Have you got a boyfriend?
,,In real life I haven't got now. But I had boyfriends.''
8.Who was your boyfriend?
,, My boyfriend call Ionut. He was a nice person but not my style .''
9.Who is the person which you hate the most?
,,Currently I don't hate anyone. When I was little, I hated a girl in kindergarden.''
10.Tell me a message for friends.
,, I love you, dear friends. You give me power!''

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