joi, 27 ianuarie 2011

Free Mordimi Items

If you're not from Italy you'll need a manual proxy like: with port 80

To visit and join the Mordimi Club:
and join the competition to receive the CLOAK:
Click 'Enter Competition'.

If you like there's also a clip:

Free Surf Skirt until 27 january

1. If you're not from Australia, use a proxy server like:

2. Enter in the url bar and press Enter on your keyboard.

3. Log into Stardoll.

4. Now enter in the url bar and press Enter on your keyboard.

5. Log out and leave the proxy server.

Free Pink Hibiscus Flower

If you're not from Egypt, use following proxy server:
Scroll to the bottom and click 'Begin Surf'. Then paste in the url bar, press Go andlog into Stardoll. Now paste following link in the url bar and press Go:

Free ICarly Blouse

1. If you are not from Sweden, go to: or
2. Paste
in the proxy server's blank URL box.
3. Click ok or press enter on your keyboard
4. Log into Stardoll.

Free Rio Pink Heels

IF you don't already own them...

1. Go to one of these proxy servers if you're not from Germany:

2. Enter in the URL bar and press the enter-key on your keyboard.
3. Log into Stardoll.
4. Now enter in the url bar at the top and press 'Browse' or 'Go' or press enter on your keyboard.

Interview with Melyna99

We have an interview with Melyna99.A cool, sexy, and lovely trend.

1.Why did you chose Stradoll?
,,I don`t know.''(She`s a very funny person.)
2.Tell me about your style.
,,Umm...I to combinate Goth style with everyday look.''(Really interesting style.)
3.What`s your favourite colour?
4.What`s your favourite firm on Stardoll and why?
I was "in love" with DKNY but now...LE and Antidote.I love Antidote style... DKNY was very special and I don`t now but I love it.
5.Who is you best friend on Stardoll and why?
,,Ummm...DeepDish,Vis_interzis and BijueDenisa and Klara.Dixie.Because they are very special for me..They were with me always...A message...I love you girls!''
6.Have you ever lied?
,,Very hard question...Yeap...All of us must have lied at least once ... Am I right?''
7.Have you got a boyfriend?(She was really excited about this question)
,,Now...I can't lie because I don't want Yes I`ve got a boyfriend on Stardoll...''
8.Who is your boyfriend?
,,I must respond?Ok,his name is Vlad92.''
9.Who is the person which you hate the most?
,,: I love my friends but i love very much mai anti`s they are making me famous!!!Thx anti`s .''
10.A message from her:
,,Little message...can u vote me NCG?''

Thank you very much Melyna,


FREE Avril Studded Black Tutu Dress

There is a second contest in Poland today that gives us an Avril dress that I think most of us already have.


If you are not from Poland you'll need a web proxy...go to or or or

or use MANUAL proxy: port 8080

Paste this link into the box: and hit go/browse

Log in, then paste this link into the box

Log off the proxy and go to regular Stardoll.

It will be in a box in your suite.


5O % Sale for Superstar!

February 2011 Hot Buys